Weight Loss & Wellness Center leads Virginia to healthier lifestyle

In January of 2022, after her doctor brought up concerns about heart problems and breast cancer related to her weight, Virginia Strate started on a journey to lose 50 pounds.

“I have struggled with weight and my weight has gone up and down since childhood. I noticed it had become harder to lose and my plateau weight had gotten higher and higher,” said Strate. “I heard about the program at Oklahoma Heart and I researched it and decided to contact them.”

Slowly but surely, Strate started to lose weight by following the diet and exercise guidance provided by the program.

“I increased my activity level, learned to be more consistent and intentional. I have gone from a size 20 jeans to a size 9,” said Strate.

Along with losing pounds, Strate has improved other aspects of her physical health.

“My cholesterol is lower than it has ever been. I have actually had some specialists tell me I don’t need to come anymore because I am not high risk anymore,” said Strate. “I have been taken off some prescription drugs too. I have more energy and I feel better. I like how I look now too.”

The Weight Loss & Wellness Center helped motivate Virginia to make the healthy lifestyle changes she needed to look and feel her best. She‘s lost more than 55 pounds since starting the program.

“Your health is priceless. You can pay to get healthy or pay doctors when you get sick. You pay either way. Please consider investing in YOU,” said Strate. “This program will teach you and give you the support you need to succeed during active weight loss and during maintenance phase.  I highly recommend it to all who know me and have seen the difference. The staff is awesome and want to see you succeed.”

To learn more about the program services at the Weight Loss &Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute, visit this link or call 918-579-3444.