February 2024

Cardiac scan identifies blocked arteries in patient without symptoms

It was Mark Nichols’ care and concern for his wife’s health, given her family history of heart attacks, that led him to join her for a cardiac CT angiogram scan at Oklahoma Heart Institute.

“Her brother passed away at age 50 from a sudden heart attack even though he never smoked and was a healthy guy,” said Nichols, a partner in a local construction company. “I told her that if she would take the test, I would sign up and join her, so we decided to do it.”

Cardiologist's wake-up call: How a $499 Heart Scan raised red flags for Dr. David Sandler

After 20 years of guiding patients to maintaining healthy hearts at Oklahoma Heart Institute (OHI), cardiologist David Sandler, M.D., decided it was time to take care of his own health in 2023. His cholesterol levels were trending a little high, so he opted to take advantage of OHI's $499 heart scan special in February.