August 2015

Can’t Tolerate Statins? New PCSK9 Inhibitor Drugs Hitting the Market

Three years ago we posed the question: “Can we wipe out heart attacks?” on our blog and made a case why the answer could be “yes.” At the time, we were learning more about the impact of the Dallas Heart Study on genetics and coronary atherosclerosis. Researchers determined from a pool of more than 6,000 people, that if you have very low LDL (bad cholesterol), you are unlikely to develop cardiovascular heart disease.

New Heart Failure Drug Shows Promising Results

While it may seem like there are new drugs coming on the market all of the time, that is not the case with the class of drugs for the treatment of heart failure. In fact, the last time the FDA approved a heart failure drug was in 2005. However, cardiologists now have a new reason to get excited about the treatment of heart failure patients with the FDA-approval of LCZ696, also known as Entresto, last month.  

A Living Legacy on How to Live in Your 100s

Saturday, August 8, 2015, Edith Ellis celebrated her 104th birthday.  She is the oldest patient of cardiologist Dr. Arash Karnama and one of the oldest patients at Oklahoma Heart Institute. Those are distinctions that don’t seem to get to Edith, however. In fact, she wears them with pride. She’s quick to recall the time she was recognized by an Oklahoma City publication for being the oldest realtor in the state at the age of 98. She beat out the next oldest by only a few months.