Weight Loss Testimonials

Robin B.

Milestone Reached: 95 lbs. lost

"I have been overweight all of my life and after I had my son, I just never lost the extra weight. As I have gotten older my health was declining. My blood pressure was creeping up and I had to start taking BP medication. Every time we checked, my A1C was getting closer to the diabetic range. I have a family history of diabetes and knew I did not want to be diabetic. When I found out OHI was starting a weight loss program, I signed up immediately and was in their first class.

With the help of the OHI staff, I have lost 95 pounds and kept it off for several months. I am no longer considered prediabetic and am slowly weaning off the BP meds. It is a daily process and I have to be on guard so I don’t fall back into old habits. They have a weekly maintenance class that helps me stay on course. I exercise daily and I love it. I never really enjoyed exercise but now I don’t feel right if I miss a day. I love how I look and feel now and I don’t ever plan to go back to what I was. This me is so much more fun!"






Brook M.

Milestone Reached: 50 lbs. lost

"The HMR program offered by the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute has changed my life! In February, weighing over 200 pounds, I was ready and needed to transform my unhealthy lifestyle but did not know where to begin. Thankfully a friend of mine told me of HMR. I knew with the structured program and support of so many people I could have a successful transformation. The HMR program and the WLWC staff provided me with the education and tools to begin transforming myself into a healthy person. I was amazed how fast I began to see results in my overall wellness, weight loss and strength. I feel the best I have ever felt and am so thankful to be a part of this amazing program! I went from a size 18 to a size 5; I never thought that would happen. I'm close to achieving my ideal body weight and now on the right path to receiving a lifetime of health benefits!"







Donnie L.

Milestone Reached: 100 lbs. lost

"I was pretty unhealthy. I was overweight, out of shape. I smoked for 20 years - you name it. I didn't take it seriously. I thought, 'that's something I can deal with later.' I wondered what I could do. I started Decision-Free, and I've surprised myself. I seek to be healthy and have a lot of motivation. It's a mindset that you want to do it. I get a second chance."










Gail E.

Milestone Reached: 75 lbs. lost

"I’m your average, middle-aged, working mom. I always put my children and husband before myself. I justified my weight by all the responsibilities I had and was always ‘waiting for the right time.’ Having small children and a chronically ill husband, I finally realized that the BEST way to take care of my family started with me and taking care of myself first. I was determined to figure out how to fit time in for myself amongst all the responsibilities that pulled me in a million different directions. HMR was easy and convenient! Just follow the plan. I started Healthy Solutions and haven’t looked back! I gave myself small goal and made a list of ‘non-number goals.’ I’m happy to say that I have met all of those goals. And, I met my first goal of 50lbs before my 35th birthday! Setting small obtainable goals helps me focus and not get overwhelmed by the big picture. I’ve realized that the journey won’t end once I’ve hit my goal weight. I will always be on this journey to maintain a normal, healthy weight and establish good health practices with diet and exercise. I hope to instill these health practices in my children and am always looking for ways to include my kids in being active. But for now the journey continues …”








Cathey W.

Milestone Reached: 25 lbs. lost

"Before finding the HMR diet, I was so frustrated. I tried to lose the extra weight for many years with fad diets and strenuous exercise. The result was weight gain, confusion about what I should be eating, hunger and a tired, achy body. None of my clothes fit anymore, and I refused to buy yet a larger size. I heard about HMR and decided to try it. Not only did I lose weight the very first week, I lost weight without being hungry. I was so excited! I consistently lost weight every week for a total of 23 pounds in 12 weeks. The weight seemed to fall off; I felt like it was a miracle. Every week, I weighed in with my cohorts and received encouragement from the HMR team. They helped me with eating plans and record keeping, helping me stay on track. The meals and shakes are delicious and convenient. The plan has a lot of variety with protein bars, hot cereal and soup. For the first time in 15 years, my New Year’s resolution list was missing 'lose weight.' The problem is that I did have to buy new clothes after all - two sizes smaller!"







Ric B.

Milestone Reached: 50 lbs. lost

About four months and 65 pounds ago, I was on a compound of three blood pressure medications and a related potassium supplement. The potassium and two of the components have now been discontinued, and the dose of the remaining component has been cut in half. Not coincidentally, I feel better than I remember ever feeling. I find myself taking fewer naps and getting much more done around the house because I have so much more energy. Amazingly, the process of losing this weight has been relatively easy through the HMR program. In addition to the shakes, there's a pretty good assortment of satisfying foods, so I've not only never felt hungry, but cravings haven't been a big problem. If you follow the program, you will lose weight. And the more tightly you follow it (which I haven't found to be all that difficult), the faster you will lose weight. Equally important, they don't abandon you when the weight is off, but they give you tools to actually keep it off.









Kelly S.

Milestone Reached: 75 lbs. lost

"As a physician, I often talk to patients about their weight and the impact it has on their health. When I was obese, the patients would often look at me like, ‘who are you to talk about weight.’ I realized to better help patients with their health, I needed to address my own weight issue. The easy-to-follow Phase 1 of the HMR diet helped me get my weight where it needs to be to improve my health and allow me to talk to patients about their weight without hypocrisy. Phase 1 also taught me ways to include physical activity in my already busy life. For me, the most important part of the HMR program has been Phase 2. In today's high calorie, super-sized portion food environment, it takes planning to maintain health. HMR Phase 2 has been essential for me to learn to add back "regular" foods while I make sure I keep off the weight lost."








Program Participant

Milestone Reached: 75 lbs. lost

I am writing this testimonial to share my personal experience with Weight Loss and Wellness Center. I learned about the program from my cardiologist at Oklahoma Heart Institute, who recommended this great option for me to reduce my hypertension, get off the medication and for other cardiovascular risk reduction. I joined the program (Healthy Solutions) and have since lost 62 pounds within 6 months. My blood pressure is normal, and eventually, I will be off the medication. I am feeling great, having so much more energy to do the things I want to do with my family. The staff provides the best support system anyone can ask for; the classes are very informative. The program itself is made with the individual in mind; the food selection is fantastic. I highly recommend this program because you will lose the weight, and your overall health will improve immensely."